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Deciding to go vegan is one of the worst things I ever did to myself.


Never before in my life did I ever truly, fully see the world for what it was. Its inhabitants for what they are. Nothing has ever weighed heavier on me than this decision has.


I care for animals. I think they deserve the life they were born with just as much as we do. For this, I become a sponge. I become a magnet for the hatred and putrid opinions I never knew a man could have. Believe me, you have never experienced ignorance and condemnation until you confess that you are vegan.


It is not until you stand up and say «this is wrong!» that you see how cruel people really are. It is not until you’ve been labeled a fanatic by an overwhelming majority that you truly see the nature of humanking. It is not until you’ve had it beaten into you countless times how much they hate people like you, that you understand that empathy comes with a condition. It is not until you watch how carelessly those around you that you love, so willingly accept the pain and cruetly that does not affect themselves, that you truly feel your heart shattering.


If you’re not human, you’re not deserving.

If you’re not human, it is okay that you live your life in a cage.

If you’re not human, you have no worth. You do not experience pain as you’re beaten and burnt.

If you’re not human, you do not feel the desperation as your child is ripped away from you.

If you’re not human, you have no rights.

Try to go against this, and you are nothing.


Try to spread a message of hope, love and caring for all those around you, no matter what species. And what greets you is hate, malevolent behaviour, and cruel name calling.


I wrote earlier about how we here in Norway conquered hate with love. I take that back, because I was wrong.


That love is conditional, and true love is never conditional. We are just as hateful as anyone else. And if anyone tries to shake the foundations our morals are constructed from. Our rage becomes dangerously violent.


We are humans, and we are pitiful beings.


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