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I had written many words for today.

I had told my story, and I had edited and reiterated it many times over. This is an important day. It deals with something that affects a lot of us. And I have wanted to share my own experiences.

Reading over it though. I can’t bring myself to publish it. It feels more like something I’ve written for myself as some form of violent therapy, than anything anyone should read. I can’t have people read the long, sad history of my own self injury in such a graphic way. I know what self injury is. I know what it does to you, and I know that reading about it can trigger you. To expose those who might do what I do to my story, is a risk I am not willing to take.

Instead I will settle with this:

I am Øystein Furevik, and 15 years ago I began physically harming myself purposely.

I am now 30 years old, and at times I still do.

I do not do it for attention. I do not do it because I think it is cool, fun, or extreme.

I do it because at those times I see no other way to escape my own mind.

I am fully aware that my scars will stay with me for life.

My only plea, is that if you see anyone out there who hurt themselves, that you show them love and patience. Most of us do not talk of it, and many of us do not even want to talk about it. We are very good at hiding it from the outside world, and revealing our scars to the world might be the hardest thing we ever do. Contrary to what you might believe, we are not seeking attention, even though we might need it.

The only difference between us and you, is that we have exhausted our strength.

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