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It is the eternal struggle and the eternal mystery, and right now it is a struggle. Have you ever known precisely what you want? Where down to the very tiniest detail you knew?

Well, I do. Right now. I know what I want, but it refuses to happen.

Something is wrong with the sound. Where it should be big, hollow, empty and a fair bit intimidating, it just sounds sharp. No matter what I do. I fear heavy rewriting will be needed, but I do not want that. I like the elements in it so far. It’s organic, imposing, almost sexy if I dear say so. It is placed high on my increasingly long list of musical pieces to finish for my next release.

But then there is this sound. This empty hall where instruments are violated in order to produce tonal pleasure.

It keeps escaping me.

My overall perspective on how everything should be presented has changed in recent years. I’ve always distorted things, but it has still remained somehow “pretty”.

Now I can’t distort it enough. It can’t be cold, distant or unpleasant enough. I don’t want perfection, I want the opposite. I want instruments that sound like they’ve died, and now they’re just being tortured.

And it needs to be performed in a big empty hall, with large shadows surrounding you, where you have only half an inch of a flickering candle left to keep you company.

I’ll get there.

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It’s raining again.

It’s been raining for days, or weeks… or months. I’m not sure anymore. It’s every day, and remembering the last day the sun shone undisturbed becomes a trickier challenge by the minute.

I like rain. It has a its values. I like sitting outside, hearing the drumming on the roof. The sound as it crashes against the leaves. Watching how the continuing fall washes away the mountains on the other side of the fjord. From one second to the next the horizon comes and goes. Like waves in an angry ocean I see their contours as everything becomes a haze.

The sounds are different. Where on days with gentle rain I can hear all the different denizens of the forest conversing with each other, they all go silent when the heavy clouds build up and release. I wonder if they are, like me, sitting under cover. Just watching as the drops washes away the previous day, making room for the next. Watch the ever growing rivers and waterfalls carve new paths where before there was solid ground.

Their sounds fascinate me. Not too long ago I recorded a good 30 minutes of it. Mostly rain, but listening back you can easily hear how as soon as the rain gives way, the voices come back. One at first, then another, and yet another. As if they’re telling each other that it is safe to come out.

I like rain, it’s alive and ever changing. I wish it would take a small break from it’s duty now though. I’m feeling a slight surge of inspiration again, but I’m not so sure I want to risk destroying anything by working during a thunderstorm.

Unplugged it is.


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